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The Chakras As Life's RoadmapĀ  with Rolf Gates

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Course Description

The Course:

The Chakras chart a course across our lives by defining key relationships that have to be resolved on the path to spiritual maturity. They are an energetic link between the manifest and the un-manifest dimensions in our lives and the place in which thought becomes form. For most of us, each chakra represents an area in our life in which we are either in balance and empowered or challenged in some way. The chakras offer us a mirror with which to examine the challenges we face and the interconnectedness between our friendships, our romantic relationships, our home lives, our work lives, our communities, our vision, our voice and our relationship to the Universal. They are a diagnostic tool for determining why we are having trouble with our boss or why we are having trouble with our knee and everything in between.

Together we will take a journey through the chakras, unpacking these defining relationships and spiritual challenges encompassed within each chakra. We will also be exploring and refining the role of spiritual practice in the context of each of these key areas of our lives (romantic, financial, physical and on). Each student will have the opportunity to explore the patterns in her life and how the external reflects the internal as well as new tools to use to work that to her advantage.

To aid us in these efforts the course will offer:

  • Live guided lectures with Rolf Gates and question and answer periods
  • Assignments to develop your understanding of the chakras and their relationship to the challenges and opportunities you face in your daily life.
  • Key practices to gain growth, momentum and insight.
  • Dedicated web pages with the course material and opportunity to connect to the larger group discussion between sessions.

Note: The sessions will be recorded and available to participants if you have a schedule conflict.


How will the course work?
The course will take place over 4 teleconference calls. Participants will also use theThe Chakras As Life's Roadmap Course section on the rolfgates site throughout the course. These pages contain the material for each course session as well as detailed descriptions of the assignments and practices connected to each week's segment as well as additional resources and commentary from Rolf. During and after each call, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Rolf as well as join in a larger group discussion of the material.

Course Dates:

Wednesdays: November 9th,16th, 30th and December 7th 7pm-8:30pm EST

Note: The sessions will be recorded and available to participants if you have a schedule conflict.


  • Option I: $187 Full Pay
  • Option II: Two payments of $100. ($100 now and $100 to be charged on November 1st.)


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